Swiss International School Schönenwerd SO

Am Tag der Ingenieurinnen und Ingenieure am 15. März 2019 war die Swiss International School (SIS) aus Schönenwerd SO mit vielen Schülerinnen und Schülern im Maker Studio zu Gast.

Eine der Lehrerinnen schreibt:

Thank you so much for organizing our visit to the „engineering day“ at the FHNW.
I am so glad that our students had the opportunity to see and participate in „hands on“ activities run by students and staff at the college.
Your team of students was great! They not only engaged the students in the projects, but also explained what they were doing and were open to questions and discussions.
We, the teachers, had a great time and so did the students!!
Please send our appreciation to your team and remember to contact us when organizing similar Events.